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Reiki classes

Reiki first degree is for those who are interested in learning hands-on-healing and wish to experience this energy. This is generally taught in a programmes of 12 to 16 hours session, organized Reiki seminars spread over two days (both days compulsory to attend).
                In this seminar certain ‘energy centers’ also known as CHAKRAS are attuned (attunement is a sacred ceremony performed only by a Reiki masters) and the recipient hence become a “Reiki CHANNEL” can channelize this energy over his/her body for lifetime. Usually in original USUI Reiki / traditional Reiki four numbers of attunements are given. But for new practitioners it is suggested to learn Reiki in it’s original form that matters and how much time they spend with their Master also matters. There are many Reiki masters now-days who work either for name, fame or money. One should find a Reiki teacher/master who works only for the liberation of diseases from mind body and soul. Energy exchange is also there but it is secondary.


Reiki second degree is for Reiki -1 practitioners who want to send this healing energy to help others and also to help themselves and solve the mystery of there life.
                In second degree Reiki remote/ distant healing is taught and three sacred ‘SYMBOLS’ are given to the practitioners also receives further ‘attunement’ of these three symbols. In traditional Reiki these symbols are three, but some modern Reiki masters give more then three symbols which are incorrect. Reiki also known as USUI system of natural healing should not be added or manipulated to impress anyone and should be  preserved and taught in its original form  .


Reiki third-A is for those who want to devote their life by establishing a Reiki-clinic. Therefore in order to heal the patients fastly one needs higher amount of vibration coming out of hands. Also one needs to know psychic healing, aura scan, aura beaming and other techniques to apply on different cases. This is only one aspect of learning Third-A
                Another aspect of learning Thrid- A is of deciding to become a ‘Reiki teacher’. Here I will say some points that must be noted or underlined in the mind:-

  • A person who wants to become a Reiki master should be willing to give up everything he/she owns.
  • He/She should surrender himself/herself to this universal life force energy.
  • He/She should practice full body Reiki on himself everyday and should use all tools given for distant healing.

Here one learns to teach. He/she should have flair to teach. He/she should speak openly and truthfully and should live in nothingness. He/she should have a purpose, a mission and a vision and he/she should not stop unless that vision is achieved.
    • He/she should ‘live Reiki’
    • Should know about ‘aura’
    • Should experience ‘chakras’
    • Follow all five ‘Reiki principles’
    • Giving should be more important the receiving
    • Should act as a friend guide & philosopher for all Reiki channels initiated by them
    • Should work in the spirit of ‘highest good for all creatures & the universe.’

Reiki Grand Mastership (Commitment to Reiki for a lifetime)
Reiki master course is guided by the divine energy itself. There are a number of teachers even if you meet an ant or a child he/she can act as a teacher. The universe is your guide and you are a student enrolled for a lifetime. You walk on the path of infinity and your love for Reiki increases each day
It is a path of great personal growth and should be taken up only after a careful thought. All actions and reactions of a Reiki master have to be in divine connection. He/she should live by their words and should not bring disrespect to this system in any mean by any type of conduct.
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