Touch-n-heal center
Touch-n-heal center
Touch-n-heal center

Reiki classes

Healing Camps
Touch-n-heal was started with an intuition to produce  more and more Reiki healers all over the world. Our planet earth needs a lot of loving and healing energy to function in a rhythmic manner. To fulfill this dream regular healing camps are organized. The camps are of two types:-
    • Hands-on-healing (Group Healing Sessions)
    • Distant healing circles( Reiki Light Circles)

Naturopathy & Accupressure Camp
The word ACCU Means ACCUTE and applying acute pressure on all the body points’ especially on hands and feet sole with the help of a stick or thumb pressure is known as Accupressure.
The Naturopathy & Accupressure camp is a five days residential workshop and is meant to give a Spiritual lifestyle training along with the answers of most commonly asked the questions like ‘What to eat’, ‘How to eat’, ‘Balance diet’. Importance of Yoga, Pranayama, Asana : Mudra, Vegetarian food, Accupressure, Kirtan (Naam chanting) and Importance of prayer are covered by the Instructors/Spiritual Masters.

Our Spiritual Affiliations

We Are working In Guidance of Reiki Grand Master Shri Nanak Varlani,Ahamdabad ( Mikao Reiki Training Center) & GMCKS Pranic Healing, Indore As Well As World Pranic Healing, Mumbai.
Also We Run a Center Santji Pranic Healing,Reiki & Psychotherapy Center in Bairagarh, Bhopal

Every Wednesday 6pm to 7pm.

All Students Are Invited In This Center For Group Meditadtion & Suggestion To Improve Further Work For Divine.

Touch-n-heal center